Network Filtering Domain

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Network Filtering

Overview: The Network Filtering domain examines company networks and systems to identify unsafe network services and IoT devices. Proper control of Internet-exposed services is fundamental for security, as unsafe services and IoT devices are common vectors for compromising systems. It is crucial for enterprises to limit Internet exposure to only safe and necessary systems and services. 

  • Unsafe Network Services 

The scan has detected unsafe network service(s) exposed to the Internet on the organization's networks and systems. These unsafe services include products and protocols such as database servers and remote access protocols, which are widely regarded as unsafe for Internet operation. It is imperative for enterprises to restrict Internet exposure to only safe and essential services. The scan advises investigating identified issues according to their risk priority, leveraging insights from regular updates provided by Shodan, a platform used to identify unsafe network services. 

  • IoT Devices 

The scan has observed Internet of Things (IoT) device(s) operating within the organization's systems or networks. IoT devices, which control physical systems such as storage arrays, elevators, cameras, and HVAC infrastructure, should not be Internet-accessible due to their vulnerability to compromise. Enterprises are advised to block Internet access to all IoT devices, as it is rare and generally unnecessary for them to be accessible via the Internet. The scan recommends investigating identified IoT device issues in order of their risk priority to mitigate potential security risks effectively. 

Conclusion: Effective network filtering is essential for mitigating security risks associated with unsafe network services and IoT devices. By limiting Internet exposure to safe and necessary systems and services, organizations can enhance their overall security posture and reduce the likelihood of system compromise. 

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