Setup Guide to Add, Modify & Remove users

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Setup Guide to Add, Modify & Remove users.

When you begin using RiskRecon, the primary contact person will receive an introductory email with instructions on creating an account. After creating your account, as the main user, you can proceed to add additional users to the platform. If you already have access to multiple portals, you may still receive the email, but you can ignore it because upon logging in, you will see that the new portal has been automatically added to your portal list.


Setup Guide to Add, Modify & Remove users.

Adding Users

  1.  Within the portal under "My Account" you will see the option called "System Administration", click this to head over to the user Administration tab.

  2. Once in the System Administration you can see all the users that have been added to your portal. You can also see their permissions, Last login and the status of their account. Ontop you will also see other tabs like Risk Configuration / API Keys and Risk Policy. We will cover these subjects later on.

    You might see one of our accounts in your portal, this is for us to be able to perform services and help to support you where possible.

  3. If you want to Add a user you can click the green button called "Add New User" to start the process. If you want to download an overview of all your users you can click the green button called "Data" and this will download an CSV file with all the users within the platform.

  4. When adding a new user you can add several details but only the First name / Last name and Email are required. You will also need to choose the User permissions (in the blue i Sphere you can see what these rights mean) and the Folder Permissions. The Folder Permissions will determine what Risk Folders can be viewed by the user.

    Please note that the "Uncategorized" label cannot be turned off.

    After you have made all the adjustments don't forget to scroll down and click "Create"

  5. After you have clicked the Create button the user will receive an email invite to the platform. If they already have access to RiskRecon their account will be able to choose the new portal from the portal overview to access it.

Modify Users

  1. From the User Administration tab click on the blue "Manage" button to go the the users configuration.

  2. Within the menu you can make all the necessary changes and by clicking "Save" again on the bottom the changes will be confirmed.

Disable Users

  1. Similar to adjusting a user, head over to the User Administration tab click on the blue "Manage" button to go the the users configuration.

  2. Instead of adjusting the configuration go straight down and use the "Disable User" button to disable access to the platform. If a user has been disabled but you would like to reactivate the account you can press the "Reactivate User" button.

    Please note that you can not delete users from RiskRecon, instead they will stay within the portal with their status adjusted to Disabled.

We trust that this guide will assist you throughout your RiskRecon journey. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to reach out to us without hesitation. We are here to support you!

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