What SME & Enterprise solutions are offered by the CyberMonks MasterCard marketplace?

Modified on Mon, 08 Apr 2024 at 02:20 PM

To address the cybersecurity needs of different SMEs and enterprises, our cyber security marketplace offers three kinds of solutions for SMEs and one special for enterprises: 

For SMEs:


1. Your Own Risk Portal: Are you struggling to navigate the complex cybersecurity environment for SMEs? Our SME portal, designed specifically for your needs, provides clarity. Access an external assessment of your organization, view your Cyber Risk Score, and delve into detailed reports that highlight vulnerabilities. Gain an understanding of your IT profile, prioritize by asset value and issue severity, and receive strategic recommendations on how to remediate them. The portal arms you with the knowledge to combat cyber threats and sets you confidently on your digital journey. 

2. 360 Cyber Risk Monitoring: Our monthly cyber risk monitoring and assessment service provides pro-active protection, ensuring consistency and providing expert guidance every step of the way. Improve your cybersecurity strategy with a comprehensive monthly monitoring and assessment service that is designed for businesses who want the highest level of digital security. 

3. Your Cyber Risk ScoreThis one- time assessment tool allows to discover how does Your Cyber Risk Score workTurbocharge your cyber risk management with our fast and effective assessment tool.  

For enterprises: 

4. 360 Own Company Cyber Risk Assessment: RiskRecon is the Neighborhood watch of the cyber world, diligently patrolling the environment to detect any vulnerabilities that might be exploited. Passive assessments of the organization’s externally facing security domains are carried out without disrupting day-to-day operations to provide a Cyber Risk Score. Strengthen your digital presence and protection with our Comprehensive Visibility Suite and benefit from world-leading benchmarking! 

To discover more about the products that we offer and find your suitable solution, you are welcome to visit our dedicated SME cyber security marketplace on: https://cybermarket-place.com/Solutions/


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